Arguably one of the best ways to learn how to kite surf is to book a place on a professional training course. There are now many courses running all over the globe, so it should not take you long to find a course you would like to attend. Unfortunately, if you don’t live near to a windy coastline, you might have to travel a long way to attend a professional kitesurf coaching course. In addition, you probably won’t be able to spend as much time as you would like practicing and honing your skills. Therefore, going from zero to hero might take a bit longer than you would like. You could always consider relocating to a new location, so you can enjoy your hobby every day without long travel times.

If you are looking for a more informal way to learn and practice the sport, you could search for a good kitesurfing vacation package. These vacation packages include all your flights, hotel accommodation, kite surfing equipment hire costs and professional group coaching from local experts. As you will be learning in a group, the atmosphere will be much more relaxed and you will have a lot of time to socialize and make new friends after a day full of everything kitesurf related.

Watching tutorial videos on YouTube can be another way to get some tips as to how to improve your kitesurfing skills. One of the great things about YouTube is that all of the videos are free to watch and there are thousands of sports professionals uploading excellent video tutorials to the platform every day. What’s more, the comment section under each video on the site allows you to ask fellow viewers and even the creator for any additional information that you might need. Obviously, there is no guarantee that you will get an answer, but it’s amazing how many people are willing to share expert tips for free on YouTube.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be hard to find the videos you are looking for on the world’s largest video sharing platform because there is so much content uploaded every day. In addition, there are lots of people uploading spam content and using unrelated keywords in the titles and descriptions, which means the search function on the platform is not always the most useful. However, once you have found a few good channels dedicated to kitesurfing, you can hit the subscribe button and then get a notification each time new video content related to the sport is uploaded.

Outside of YouTube there are many other sites hosting video content and kite surfing coaching videos, but you often have to pay for this content. Before you pay for any instructional videos, you need to make sure that the seller is reputable. Many people have wasted a lot of money buying poor qualifying sports coaching videos, so check out any reviews from previous buyers if they are available.

If video content is not your thing you might be surprised to find out how many books are dedicated to teaching kite surfing. What’s more, many of these books are available in digital and audio formats, which means you can consume them during your daily commute to work. By the end of the working week, you could have hundreds of kite surfing tips in your head ready to put into practice at the weekend. The good thing about books is that on Amazon you can often read a sample extract as well as see thousands of customer reviews before you have to hand over any cash. This means you can avoid books that are poorly written and lack detail about correct kite surfing practices.