North Texas Kite Sports are very passionate about Texas kitesurfing and live for all things wind and water. We are your kitesurfing buddy that stands by your side no matter if you’re planning your next kitetrip in North Texas to try a new trick on the water or just need some new inspiration. We also provide information about The best kitesurfing destinations and beaches in North Texas. We are dedicated to simplify and optimize your kitesurfing experience, so that you will have the best in kitesurfing and fully living out your passion.

Our Mission

Our mission here is to provide new, exciting, and informative content on Kitesurfing and fun things to do and see. No mater whether you choose to harness the wind with a kite, and use a surfboard, twin or foilboard to kick up a notch and ride the waves or you want to experience the warm flat water perfect for learning and touring around looking at turtles, dolphins and fish, we have you covered! Follow this blog to find information and inspiration about kitesurfing adventures, experiences, spot guides, kitehacks and fun facts that make your kite life a little easier.